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Office Containers

Rooms According to Use. If you are in need of a space, you have definitely come to the right place. They can be individually used as offices, kitchens, temporary accommodation, accommodation, cash or watchman booths.


Flexible and mobile for every occasion. To live, work or relax. Our containers are the multifunctional rooming solution at events or on the construction site. Whether as a single container, or over several stories, our containers are always safe, reliable and quickly positioned.

Technical data

Length: 6,055 mm
Width: 2,435 mm
Height: 2,591 mm
Weight: 1,950 kg


The interior has been adjusted to various purposes. It depends firstly from the type of panel being used on the container. The panels can be with Insulation made with Mineral wool, or with Polyurethane foam. If the panel is with mineral wool the interior is coated chipboard which can be in 2 colours: light oak or white. If the panels are with Polyurethane foam, the interior is galvanized steel sheet.

The electrical installations are concealed through the roof and panels with electric sockets, light switch and lighting.

Options and a gallery of possibilities

All our containers are completely modular, meaning that panels are easily interchangeable and you can position door and windows panels where you need them. Also, you can join containers together by each side and put one on top of each other (max 3 storeys).

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