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Storage Containers

Storage containers are an ideal solution for storing and keeping things, both temporary at construction sites, events, etc. and for a longer period of time for personal usage. These containers offer high level of security and protection of stored things. Beside 2 standard bolts, we have installed 1 big central bolt completely hidden which prevents burglars from cutting it!


Storage containers are produced in several sizes, shown below under Technical data. The floor can be made of wood or steel, but in both cases you are allowed to store equipment up to 10.000kg.

Each container can be lifted either by crane or by forklift. Containers are galvanized by the means of cataphoresis after which a layer of dust paint is placed and baked to produce colour. Also, if you wish to acquire a container, you can choose the colour.

Technical data


*Techical description


All containers are gray from the inside from the galvanization process. The floor can be made of wood or steel. As na option, you can place shelves for storing materials on 1, 2 or 3 sides. Furthermore, containers can be delivered with build-in electricity (electricity box, sockets, light)

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