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Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy is based on the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, which says: 
“Everyone has the right to a healthy environment and the timely and full information about it’s condition. Everyone, especially the Republic of Serbia and the autonomous region, is responsible for environmental protection. Everyone has a duty to preserve and improve the environment. “

(Constitution of the Republic of Serbia)

TOI-TOI d.o.o. is the largest sanitary systems renting company and and as a socially responsible company we want to achieve a  mutually beneficial cooperation with our business partners, narrower and wider community and state institutions in a way that:

  • we respect and obey the Constitution, the current legislation and other voluntary provisions to which we are committed, as well as the regulations of the countries in which we are present either as a contractor or a subcontractor
  • we rationally use natural sources of energy and raw materials
  • we manage the environmental aspects with the aim of preventing negative impacts on the environment
  • we apply modern process technology, knowledge and experience in order to achieve continuous improvement
  • to carry out education to raise awareness of our employees.

Each employee is required to adhere to the policy of environmental protection in accordance with defined responsibilities and authorities as well as to contribute to the achievement of the goals of the environment.

The management of the Company is committed to providing the resources needed for the implementation and continuous improvement of the environmental management system, the development of expertise, awareness and competence, well-being and satisfaction of all parties.

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