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TOI® CARE HAND SANITIZER – the hygiene allrounder for the construction site.

Are you looking for a practical, flexible solution for the increased hygiene requirements that apply on construction sites and in many other places? With TOI® CARE HAND SANITIZER you are on the safe side. The mobile hand disinfection dispenser is operated contactlessly by foot pump. With its compact dimensions and robust design, it is easy to transport and enables fast, safe hand disinfection – always exactly where it is needed.

The non-tilting floor-standing unit can be placed in indoor and outdoor areas independently of the existing sanitary facilities. This saves long walking distances and time. The hygiene station is equipped with a 10 litre tank for hand disinfectant or hand washing lotion. The filling is sufficient for approx. 2,000 applications. TOI® CARE HAND SANITIZER requires no power connections or batteries whatsoever and requires no assembly work whatsoever. On request, the tank can be changed by trained service personnel. The minimum rental period for construction sites is four weeks.


Simple. Effective.

Regular cleaning or disinfection of the hands reduces the risk of virus transmission and is one of the essential protective measures in connection with COVID-19. The new TOI® CARE HAND SANITIZER helps you to comply with the applicable regulations. In combination with toilet cabins and sanitary containers, it helps to significantly increase the standard of hygiene on construction sites. TOI® CARE HAND SANITIZER is also the contemporary solution for more hand hygiene for events and use in public areas – for example at bus stops or supermarkets.

Technical data

Length: 0,5 m
width: 0,5 m
height: 1,23 m
Weight: 12.5 kg (without water or sand filling to weigh down)
Weight: 38 kg (incl. filled 10 litre tank and water filling to weigh down the lower part)


Top part
2x foot pump
Spray nozzle brass with stainless steel coating
10 litre exchange tank with hand disinfectant or hand washing lotion
4 adjustable feet with 4x M8 thread (M8 thread can be used optionally for anti-theft protection)
Pictograms as operating instructions

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